TOCCATA – Tahoe Symphony Orchestra

Attending performances of live music is an enjoyable experience! Our variety of music and location makes frequent attendence available and affordable. TOCCATA-Tahoe Symphony is known for quality concerts featuring local musicians of all ages in small, intimate venues. Our artists are committed to providing a unique experience in every performance. To learn more or to purchase your tickets, call (775) 313-9697 or click here!

Mission Statement

Toccata’s mission is to raise awareness and apprecatiation of Classical Orchestral and Choral music by brining quality, affordabble performances to the greater Reno-Tahoe area, and to provide a venue for accomplished musicans to display and develop their talents.

Enjoy an Upcoming Musical Event

We keep our calendar updated so you can plan ahead and get your tickets ahead of time. All our performances are free to children under the age of 18 and only $5 to those 19-22. Whether you are interested in becoming a member of our orchestra and/or chorus or coming to your first performance, we are here to answer your questions. We look forward to chatting with you at (775) 313-9697.

There are a number of services we offer, including:

  • Concerts
  • Gifts
  • Fundraisers
  • Season tickets
  • Gift certificates
  • Live performances

Contribute to Toccata-Tahoe Symphony

TOCCATA-Tahoe Symphony offers the opportunity to purchase Season Tickets that enable you to sit in Preferred Seats and to attend as many of our concerts during the year as you wish to! These contributions enable us to continue to keep our ticket prices low, and to pay our wonderful artists! Opportunities are also available to sponsor a concert so that it can be offered to the public free of charge. Donating over and above the cost of the Season Tickets may bring invitations to attend Soirees in private homes featuring our soloists.

Our History

TOCCATA-TAHOE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA & CHORUS The Orchestra and Community Choral Artists of the Tahoe Area was founded in 2005 by James and Nancy Rawie as a 501(c)(3) non-profit musical arts organization based at Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Toccata’s mission is to raise awareness and appreciation of classical orchestral and choral music by bringing quality affordable performances to the greater Reno-Tahoe Area, and to provide a venue for accomplished musicians to display and develop their talents. TOCCATA’s first season was unfunded and featured madrigal/motet concerts and chamber music. In 2006 they received a grant from the Carol F. Buck Foundation which led to an official debut at Sand Harbor with the 25th John Lennon Memorial Concert.

The 2008 Charter Membership Drive helped reach additional lakeside communities and Reno, and in 2009 the name Tahoe Symphony Orchestra & Chorus was created to identify an ensemble regularly performing major symphonic works. Growth in our twelve year lifespan has been notable.

To increase the number of young people attending our concerts, our latest grant request is to fund “Discovering Classical Music”, a program to take quality “fun” presentations to public schools to introduce young people to the richness of classical music. In 2013 the TOCCATA-Guttman Young Artists Piano Competition was created.

TOCCATA invites all our donors, performers and audience members to join us in celebrating our 13 th Anniversary throughout 2018. We will also be planning our 2019 European Tour. This will feature a cruise on the Danube with concerts and touring along the way. We will begin in Nuremberg and go to Budapest.

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Why Us?

  • Small – Intimate Venues
  • Variety of Music Performed
  • We Feature Local Musicians of All Ages
  • Affordable Ticket Prices & Free Entry for Children