TOCCATA has taken concert tours to Europe in 2015 (Italy) and 2017 (Austria and Czech Republic).

In 2019, TOCCATA will perform on its third biennial tour in Europe. We will travel from Bratislava through Slovakia and Hungary to Budapest, performing concerts and touring along the way. Travel will be on a motorcoach that can accomodate 60 people. We expect around 25-30 ”boosters’ with the remainder split among Chorus members, members of the Orchestra and staff.

For UPDATED details of the currently planned itinerary, click here. More information on price, meals, lodging, etc.


Just use the Contact Us Today form at the right. In Additional Comments, tell us you’re interested and whether you would be a chorus or orchestra member or a booster. Also, if you are more than one person please tell us. We’ll contact you to discuss and provide more information

To see photos of the earlier trips, Click for Italy, 2015 or Salzberg/Vienna/Prague, 2017

The tour is being organizard by Music Contact International, the company which organized our two prior trips. Their description of the planned trip is

We are delighted to be working on your performance tour of Slovakia & Hungary. For those of you who’ve not yet been to these places, you will find them intriguing, rich with culture and filled with people who have a great appreciation for music. I have spent time in these destinations, and like me, you will find Bratislava charming, historic and easy to be in. Lake Balaton has many similarities to California in terms of vineyards and orchards and great farm to table food. You can shop for Hungarian paprika, jams, lace and other sweet handicrafts.

The first time I was in Budapest, I was awed by the grandeur of the place. It’s beautiful.. the jewel of the Danube ….and in a very different way from Vienna. There are two sides of the River: Buda and Pest. The Buda side is where the Hapsburg palace and colorful Matthias Church is where your ensemble may perform. Pest is where most hotels, restaurants, and Central Market are. My favorite things to do in Budapest are spend time in the spas (they’re really warm swimming pools), eat flavorful Hungarian food with fresh veggies, sauces and those great flat potato pancakes, and of course taste local wine. One of the most enjoyable travel memories I have is of walking along the promenade in Budapest listening to local musicians…..You are lucky to be going there!

On this note, the tour we are working on includes:

  • Activities as we have outlined them on your handout
  • 3 nights in Bratislava, 3 in Balaton, and 4 in Budapest. Hotels will be convenient and comfortable.
  • Breakfast daily and approximately 4 other group meals that will consist of traditional dinners and despite what you may think, vegetarians will have no issues in Hungary!
  • Private motorcoach transportation to satisfy the program.

Concerts are all pending confirmation which means that we will work “full steam ahead” on them and confirm all arrangements in due time. Meanwhile, please understand that where we plan to have performances, concert times and other related details are subject to change.

We are working as quickly as we can on the prices for your tour and will confirm them shortly. Your director will be able to give you more details on how we work and in the coming weeks you will receive more updates from my and my company as well.

Thank you for traveling ,

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