Ticket Info

Five classes of tickets ae available. Children and teens 18 or less are admitted as out guests. Youths, 19-22 may purchase Student or Preferred Youth tickets,

“Preferred” ticket holders get the best seats reserved. We encourage you purchase tickets in advance so you can be assured of a seat. They are available through PayPal or your own credit card on this web site.

Tickets may be purchased for cash, check or credit card at the performance.

  • Preferred Adult Price: $40
  • Preferred Youth Price: $15
  • General Adult Price: $30
  • General Senior Price: $25
  • General Student Price: $5

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Why Us?

  • Small – Intimate Venues
  • Variety of Music Performed
  • We Feature Local Musicians of All Ages
  • Affordable Ticket Prices & Free Entry for Children